Flexiguard™ Access Systems

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Flexiguard Access Systems

At Height specialises in providing a wide range of fall protection and access solution products. Whether it is an existing or modified product or an entirely new design, the company offers world-class DBI SALA’s flexiguard access systems that always meet the requirements of your specific application.

Ideal for situations where an overhead structure is unreachable or doesn’t exist, flexiguard access systems are designed in response to our customers’ needs and the specific requirements of the industry application. The hydraulic hand pump functionality or the standard air shop feature of the products provide the required adjustment needed to give the access to various working positions thus replacing the need of multiple static height ladders. These systems are designed to be moved manually or with the use of tow bar and service vehicle. They are extremely durable and are built to last with unbeatable quality, materials, and workmanship. What’s more is that all the flexiguard access systems have integrated rescue device monitoring hardware.

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