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Safe anchorage is crucial when working at height and in many instances it is not obvious where and how you anchor safely to provide a secure attachment point that will be capable of providing the fall protection you may need. If you are working on flat or sloping roof tops or on top of a shipping container or aircraft wings and fuselages or oil tanks, wind turbines, oil and gas installations. At Height offer temporary and permanent anchorage solutions engineered to anchor the operator safely.
Our fall protection anchorage systems include Reusable Concrete Anchors, Container Fall Arrest Posts, Sliding beam anchors, Mobi-Lok Aviation Vacuum anchor pads, Adjustable Window and Door Jambs, Rooftop Freestanding Counterweight Anchor , Fixed Steel Beam Anchors, Trolley Anchor Steel i-Beam Anchors, ZORBA Tech Concrete Roof Anchors. assisting workmen to go about their jobs safely. Whether that it be on aircraft wings and fuselages, on wind turbines, construction or in oil exploration.

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