The Need of Load Arrestors

December 2, 2017

Working in industries like construction is a job of full of risks and uncertainties. There can be situations when an individual’s life is at stake and others when he/she can be dragged into trouble due to certain situations. Therefore, it is important for the person himself as well as the employer to be ready with […]

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Importance of Confined Space Training

October 8, 2017

Working in confined spaces is not an easy task. It requires one to have professional ability and training to deliver the required task within the timelines as per requirements. One of the major factors that make it a restricted profession is the associated risk and the skills that one needs to possess while performing these […]

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The Basic Principal Behind Safety Harnesses

October 3, 2017

A safety harness is a type of protective equipment which is designed to ensure protection to an individual engaged in some risky task from any sort of injury or damage. Usually fabricated from rope or locking hardware, there are a few safety harnesses that are used in combination with a shock absorber. Some of the commonly […]

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Workplace Injuries in Great Britain by Fall from Height – The Infographic

August 21, 2017

Currently the UK overall suffers the lowest percentage of work related fatalities in comparison to all other countries in Europe at 0.55% per 100,000 employees of fatal injuries at work for 2014. The overall long term trend over the last 35 years has seen a dramatic reduction in work related deaths. In numbers and as […]

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